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  A local printing company that we frequently work for had metal halide lighting. This type of lighting was the best at the time to install, but it uses a lot of power, take a while warming up to full brightness and if the lights are turned off for any reason they take a further …

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Post Grain Drier Cooling Control Panel – Velcourt Tisbury

This project we installed five new fan positions on a grain storage barn. The fans are used to keep the grain cool after it has been dried. It is very important to do this ,as if the grain temperature goes above 15 degrees it is at risk of either germinating or becoming mouldy. Fans capable …

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Messums Art Gallery Tisbury – Track lighting

  Messums Art Gallery Tisbury Wiltshire This project consisted of converting an office into an art gallery. The old lights were removed carefully and given back to the customer for future use as they were still in good working order.  The new tenants required Euro Track Lighting to be installed. This high end lighting solution …

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Durrington Swimming Pool

Durrington swimming pool had fluorescent lights running down its entire length at the very highest point of the ceiling. The lights had failed as they were many years old, badly  corroded  we were called in to renovate them. As maintenance was a real issue we opted to lower the lights to a more manageable height. The pool …

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LED Back Lighting

  This handmade kitchen dresser was made by a local company in Fonthill Bishop. We added a LED back light. This gave a really nice  ambient light to the room, set on its own dimmer switch the customer had full control. Making an already amazing piece of furniture an amazing part of the house.   …

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Cluster Light

cluster light

cluster light We installed this beautiful cluster light in a café in Wells Somerset. It creates an instant talking point and filled an otherwise dull area of the café. Wells is well known for its character and this café after renovation by us fitted in perfectly. this was supplied by the customer but we have …

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Energy saving & Metering

Money saving

Energy saving , Money doesn’t grow on trees !, So don’t waste a penny. With rising electricity prices its becoming more important to find where you can save wasted power consumption. With an energy saving survey you can be sure to see where you can make changes to achieve this. This is the only metering that …

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