This project we installed five new fan positions on a grain storage barn. The fans are used to keep the grain cool after it has been dried. It is very important to do this ,as if the grain temperature goes above 15 degrees it is at risk of either germinating or becoming mouldy. Fans capable of pushing large volumes of air into the grain require powerful motors.

The motors use 5.5Kw per hour, with five motors running this uses 27.5Kw per hour. The average cost of a Kw is 14.37p. Using this the cost to run the fans for one day would be £94.84. So it is imperative  that the fans are only on for the absolute minimal amount of time.

We designed and built a bespoke control panel that uses a temperature controller that keeps the fans running only when the grain temperature is over 15 degrees and the outside temperature is 6 degrees lower than the grain. This means that if the outside air is hotter than the grain the fans will not run.

The panel had override switches for each fan to individually switch between auto/off/manual

An hour meter was also fitted so the user could work out the total cost of running  the fans for each seasons storage.

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Post Grain Drier Cooling Control Panel – Velcourt Tisbury